Challenges in the Development of Novel Therapeutics


B. V. Patel PERD Centre

Thaltej-Gandhinagar Highway, Thaltej, Ahmedabad- 380 054.

October 11 and 12 2003


Background and Objectives:


The new drug discovery process is a complex, risky, expensive, multidisciplinary activity, which requires a strong and dedicated team of medicinal / organic chemists, biologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, ADME scientists, analytical chemists, pharmacists and clinicians to design, discover and develop new drug candidates. Recent trend setting developments in genomics, molecular biology and pharmacology have given access to a cornucopia of new targets for drug design in therapeutic areas giving rise to both great therapeutic opportunities and greater challenges in identifying good ligands to be optimized to develop drug like candidates. Fundamental changes in the drug discovery scenario along with the continued financial pressure have opened up new opportunities and challenges for the drug industry that it has to still fully grasp. The speed of human genetics, rapid progress of bioinformatics / biotechnology and early emergence of patient focused R & D have influenced the execution of drug discovery.

The rate - limiting steps in new drug discovery are:

  • a) identifying valid targets which provides functional platforms for new research
  • b) identification of good chemical leads from actives and hits
  • c) optimization of chemical lead to drug like candidate

Besides, in spite of the access to the new armamentarium such as combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening, computer aided drug design, rational drug design etc, there is feeling among the researchers that a major bottle neck exists downstream in drug discovery in the pharmacokinetic lead optimization, extending it to even as ADMET by resolving toxicological properties also. In such a scenario, the present workshop on "Challenges in the development of novel therapeutics" aims to focus deliberations on some of the above aspects in some important therapeutic areas besides highlighting some developments in CADD, structure and lead based drug design, molecular modeling and receptor research. With many of the Indian pharmaceutical companies entering new drug research in a big way, the workshop can help scientists to enhance their knowledge base, fine tune their thinking to stimulate creativity. Also focus their awareness on some new science which can help them translate their experience into a very productive scientific output in their own work, and convert various information on new discoveries to desirable cures.

Topics to be Covered :

  • Challenges in the development of novel therapeutics
  • Strategic planning in genome research: From DNA to targets
  • Pharmacogenomics and drug development
  • Astute clinical observations leading to new drugs and new uses of old drugs
  • Role of ADMET in drug discovery
  • Structure - based drug design
  • New approaches for the design of oral antidiabetic drugs
  • Potential and prospects in the design of PDE inhibitors
  • Design and discovery of hypolipaemic drugs
  • Allergy : Etiology and design of therapies
  • Pharmacological approaches for the management of obesity
  • Development of Novel antibacterials
  • Antitubercular drug design: Problems and prospects
  • Modulation of nitric oxide synthase

Workshop Co-ordinators:

  • Prof. Harish Padh
  • Dr. V. Sudarsanam
  • Dr. Kamala K. Vasu


The following experts have agreed to initiate deliberations on the topics outlined in the programme.

  • Dr. Balasubramanian AstraZeneca, Bangalore
  • Dr. Ashok K. Batham Sun Pharmaceuticals, Baroda
  • Dr. B. Gopalan Glenmark, Mumbai
  • Prof. V. M. Kulkarni UDCT, Mumbai
  • Dr. V. V. S. Swaroop Kumar Glenmark, Mumbai
  • Dr. B. B. Lohray Zydus Research Centre, Ahmedabad
  • Dr. Sanjay Martis Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai
  • Prof. Harish Padh PERD Centre, Ahmedabad
  • Dr. M. V. Patel Wockhard, Aurangabad
  • Dr. C. T. Rao SPARC, Baroda
  • Dr. V. S. V. Vadlamudi Rao Suven, Hyderabad
  • Dr. K. H. Sreedhara Swamy Quest Inst. Mumbai
  • Dr. Kamala K. Vasu PERD Centre, Ahmedabad


For further information contact:

Mrs. S. V. Kurup

Coordinator, Continuing Education Programme

Shri B. V. Patel Education Trust

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Ahmedabad 380 054.

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