OpenTox: An open-source web-service platform for toxicity prediction (ACS Presentation) by
     David A Gallagher, Sunil Chawla, Barry Hardy, Wed. 30th March 2011, Anaheim, CA, USA
     On-line ACS recording (slides & audio, 30mins)  click "VIEW" button to start

OpenTox publication: Collaborative development of predictive toxicology applications, B. Hardy et al,
        Journal of Cheminformatics 2010, 2:7, Aug 2010 (doi:10.1186/1758-2946-2-7)    

- an EC funded FP7 Research Project (1 September 2008 - 2011)
        OpenTox is a EC funded project to create an open source framework for  unified access to toxicity data and    
        QSAR    (quantitative structure-activity relationships) models with supporting validation and
        interpretation. Uses semantic web principles and ontologies.
Barry Hardy of Douglas Connect in Basel, Switzerland,
        is managing the project and coordinating the consortium of QSAR specialists which includes
Sunil Chawla of
        Seascape Learning collaborating with Dr. Indira Ghosh of
School of Computational and Integrative Sciences, JNU,
India. OpenTox address aspects of the REACH legislation and extend access
        to non-animal-testing methods for toxicologists and other scientists who are not experts in QSAR.

Seascape Supports DST's Mathematical Biology Initiative in India Aug 2010-July 2011

Symposium on Shape and Electrostatics Best Practices forVirtual Screening and Lead-Hopping 28Jan2010..

Modelling of Small Molecules to Macromlecules - University of Pune/OpenEye Sci/Seascape - Dec 11-17 2007

Seascape Sponsors Materials Modelling Meeting at BARC, Mumbai, Oct 12-14 2006

Seascape Presents R&D Network at IBC Life Sciences Pharma R&D Partnering Mtg, Mumbai, Oct 10-12 2006

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