NMRS 2004 [National Magnetic Resonance Society]

Symposium on NMR Drug Design & Bioinformatics

February 17-20, 2004

Kolkatta, India

Bose Institute & S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences


National Magnetic Resonance Society's (NMRS) annual meeting for the year 2004 will be held in Kolkata (Calcutta). With the availability of genomic information, design of new therapeutic agents has become one of the leading areas of biology today. NMR has an important role to play in this area. Bioinformatics will also play a crucial role in this area. Hence, it was decided to focus the annual meeting on drug design, NMR and bioinformatics.

The organizing committee has great pleasure in inviting you to participate in this conference. The NMR conference will be on 19-20th February, 2004, which will be preceded by a two-day conference on Bioinformatics (17-18th February, 2004). The underlying theme of both the conferences will be drug design and related areas. It is anticipated that 40 distinguished speakers, including 15 from abroad, will deliver lectures.

Speaker List for NMRS-2004

Bioinformatics and Drug Design

  • Dr. Gautam Basu (BI, India)
  • Dr. Pinak Chakrabarti (BI, India)
  • Dr. Devapriya Chaudhury (JNU, India)
  • Dr. Swagata Dasgupta (IIT-KGP, India)
  • Prof. Gautam Desiraju (Univ Hyderabad, India)
  • Prof. Indira Ghosh (Univ Pune, India)
  • Dr. B. Gopalakrishnan (TCS, India)
  • Dr. Steven J. Hayward (East Anglia, UK)
  • Prof. Joël Janin (CNRS, France)
  • Prof. B. Jayaram (IIT-D, India)
  • Dr. A. Kinjo (NIG, Japan)
  • Dr. Sekhar Mande (CDFD, India)
  • Dr Kenji Mizuguchi (Univ Cambridge, UK)
  • Prof. Takaaki Nishioka (Kyoto Univ)
  • Dr. Debnath Pal (UCLA, USA)
  • Dr. Animesh Ray (Keck Institute, USA)
  • Prof. George Rose (Johns Hopkins, USA)
  • Dr. Raj Srinivasan (TCS, India)
  • Prof. Joel Sussman (Weizmann, Israel)
  • Dr. R. Varadarajan (IISc, India)

NMR and Drug Design

  • Prof. K. Akasaka (Kinki Univ, Japan)
  • Prof. KVR Chary (TIFR, India)
  • Dr. D.E. Demco (Aachen, Germany)
  • Dr. Feng-Ni (NRC, Canada)
  • Dr. Jim Ferretti (NIH, USA)
  • Prof. G. Govil (TIFR, India)
  • Prof. Maurice Gueron (Ecole Poly, France)
  • Prof. R.V. Hosur (TIFR, India)
  • Prof. N.R. Jagannathan (AIIMS, India)
  • Prof. Anil Kumar (IISc, India)
  • Dr. A.C. Kunwar (IICT, India)
  • Dr. Bernd Meyer (Univ Hamburg, Germany)
  • Dr. Chaitali Mukhopadhyay (CU, India)
  • Dr. R. Nagaraj (CCMB, India)
  • Dr. Raja Roy (CDRI, India)
  • Dr. Gautam Sanyal (AstraZeneca, USA)
  • Dr. Susanta Sarkar (GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia, USA)
  • Dr. K.R.Seshadri (IBAB, India)
  • Dr. Shin-ichi Tate (BERI, Osaka, Japan)
  • Dr. Tai-Huang (Acad Sinica, Taiwan)
  • Dr. David Weber (Univ Maryland, USA)

For details regarding registration and accommodation, please contact :

NMRS 2004
Department of Biophysics
Bose Institute
P1/12, CIT Scheme VIIM
Kolkata - 700 054
West Bengal, India
Phone: (+91-33) 2337-9544 / 9416 / 9219 (Extn. 106 / 222)
Fax: (+91-33) 2334-3886

Other contact email addresses:

Prof. S. Roy, Secretary -

Prof. P. Chakrabarti, Joint Secretary -
Prof. C. Mukhopadhyay, Joint Secretary -


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