Dr. Paul Hawkins. OpenEye Scientific. Paul got his Ph.D from  University in Southampton. After a post-doc in the U.S. and Australia he settled, in New England (Boston) to work in biotech as a medicinal chemist. In this capacity he was involved in a variety of project areas, making a wide range of compounds. After a number of years at the bench he became an applications scientist for Tripos, covering the New England area. Paul has numerous publications and patents to his credit. His professional experience includes OpenEye Scientific, Tripos, Arqule, Paratek & Ariad Pharmaceuticals.

OpenEye’s guiding philosophy is that it is sufficient to accurately quantify the shape and electrostatics of a molecule for the purposes of lead discovery. Following that philosophy, OpenEye provides tools that vastly increase the scale of operation of computational chemistry in drug design. Since there are an almost infinite (10**200) number of feasible drug-like molecules, a productive discovery process will lead to effective drug candidates.

  Prof. Indira Ghosh, Dean, Professor, School of Informatics technology, JNU-New Delhi. Research interests in Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics and Computational Chemistry. Fullbright Scholar and Senior Research Scientist and Head, Bioinformatics and Computational chemistry AstraZeneca R&D, Bangalore, India (1990-2003).

Dr. Subba Rao Profile

The School of Information Technology consists of the Centre for Computational Biology and Bio-Informatics, the High Performing Computing Center (HPCC) and the Communication and Information Services (CIS). The focus of the School is on the use of information technology on education and research - on the study of how the increased availability of information in all spheres of enquiry, be it biological, physical, geological, economics, etc. can be most effectively utilized in an academic context.

Dr. Sarma Jarp, Head of CADD, GVKBio. A brief profile and overview of talk TBD.

bioCampus - a center of excellence, is the training division of GVK BIO where training in Advanced Bio-Informatics, Biostatistics, Protein Modeling & Rational Drug Design is imparted to professionals from related inter-disciplinary fields. The program focuses on domain specific and IT skills to create professionals suitable for the global environment.











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