Computational toxicity predictions can be easy with MultiCASE software for in-silico safety assessment and ICH M7, FDA, OECD submissions


Case Ultra

QSAR Software for modeling and predicting toxicity of chemicals with Statistical & Expert Rule Support


Case Ultra Models

Cover a wide variety of toxicity end points and is the largest collection of high quality in-silico toxicity models. ICH M7 models, Mutagenicity, Carcinogenicity, Cardiotoxicity, Hepatotoxicity, Skin and Eye toxicity and many more


Meta Ultra

A simple yet powerful program for human metabolite prediction and toxicity screening

Seascape Scientific Partner MultiCASE Inc, USA

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MultiCASE Inc. is a pioneer in developing computer programs for assessing toxicological and pharmacological potential of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Research and development is central to us in developing innovative QSAR methodologies and software solutions. The company has maintained strong academic ties in the areas of computational, medicinal, and environmental chemistry.






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